Dayton Juniors | Caring. Honesty. Respect. Responsibility.
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Accredited Early Education

We provide year-round full and part-time education

Full & Part-time Education

We offer two different services. Your kid can either stay here full time or they can be taken care for part time.

Certified Courses For Kids

All the courses that are offered here are certified courses for the little ones designed by the child experts.

Sports & Activities

One of the things that we concentrate is that the kids must have a physically active session so that they will have a healthy life style.

Writing & Speaking

We have separate sessions that will concentrate on training the littler ones in writing and speaking.

Social Education

It is essential for the children to have the basic social education, so that they will be able to have clear understanding of a lot of things.

Playing Games

We have lots of games that make the kids fall in love with the every instant.

The Gallery

Best Child Care

We have been recognized and awarded as the best child care in the locality. It feels great that our dedication is recognized in the right ways.

Creative Activities

We have nearly 700 creative activities that will help the kids in many ways. It enhances their thinking and improves their creativity.

E-Learning Media

E-learning media strategies has proven to be one of the best ways to teach the little ones. It is very effective and it conveys the message in the most effective ways.

Sports & Playing

We have different kinds of sport activities for every kid. To keep them physically active is one of our top priorities.

Certified Courses

All the 570 courses that are offered are certified and are designed by the experts in various fields.

Latest Updates

  • Daycare centers prove to be incredibly useful for parents who have 9 to 5 jobs. They especially help out families where both the parents work and when they cannot afford to hire a nanny. Many of these parents put all their trust in daycare places to care for their kids. Children who attend these places will surely benefit a lot because there are tons of activities with other kids, they learn how to share, they also create interpersonal bonds with people other than their parents, and they also learn a lot when it comes to basics of life. They provide tons of educational opportunities for the kids, where they can learn things and are entertained at the same time.   Children   The first and foremost function of a daycare would be to look out and preserve the safety of the children they take care of. They should provide a safe, nurturing and secure environment with some quality caregivers so that all the parents can have a piece of mind knowing that their children are in capable hands. These daycare centers must have permits and licensing to practice this profession.   Kids must receive a good quality education. Even if they are in pre-school, they should start learning about shapes and numbers and colors, etc. There have been many studies which state that the bright colors and shapes stimulate certain sections of the brain and help with the cerebral development of children. They should also learn to play well with others and also share their toys. Most of the children who attend daycare are able to recall numbers and also write a little bit at a very young age, which is undoubtedly impressive. They are taught all kinds of things like, addition, subtraction, etc. at such a young age and some children grasp it incredibly thoroughly.   children is integral   The socialization of a child with other children is integral because this is the stage in their lives when they develop opinions and also attachment towards individuals. They should learn to play well with peers and must interact with some adult members in a nice way. This usually shapes what kind of a personality they may develop later on. When children develop interpersonal skills so early on, they usually won’t have a hard time adjusting and fitting in at schools later on in life. A daycare must also provide the best possible meals and also the most nutritious as well. Children need the right nutrients direly in this age, so it is pivotal that they are provided them, promptly. It is also important that you make sure that the children receive enough physical activity. Physical activity can induce an interest in sports, and that is something that will help them out later, in life.

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We provide year-round full and part-time education