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Soul Speciosa — A Goal Review

Soul Speciosa — A Goal Review

Soul Speciosa: The summary

If you adore kratom and so are keen on trying out various brands and makes, then it’s quite likely you will love Soul Speciosa. You may have encountered the name but like most clients, you may not be that sure about the brand. You might have some doubts lingering on the mind. You may have questions regarding the legality of this brand or if they also could evaporate from the scene one good day just like many other such sellers.

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Do they possess the expertise and experience or are they only shallow in their product offerings and much more? The best way to learn more concerning this vendor is by going via a suitable review. We will look into their brief history, the products which they provide, the pricing info, shipping, returns and refunds amongst other such matters. We’re sure it’ll go a long way in ensuring that the readers and other stakeholders are able to receive the right kind of knowledge and information relating to this organization and then make a determination based on facts rather than being driven by hearsays and remarks.

Some Basic Info About Soul Speciosa

This is a business that has its head office in Los Angeles, CA. It has always strived to provide customers with the best and freshest organic kratom that is available on planet earth. When you enter the website of Soul Speciosayou will get re-routed to the online store of theirs in Left Coast. This is due to the fact that the company was forced to develop a new URL following their products together with many different businesses had to be recalled.

This was due to the notorious 2018 kratom Salmonella Scare. However, following this adventure, this vendor has changed quite a bit. They’ve moved beyond the ordinary and have taken extra steps to ensure they stock and sell kratom that’s totally pure and pure. It could be pertinent to mention that each batch of Left Coast kratom of this provider is assessed for purity and you can be sanguine they are pure and unadulterated. Further, the vendor is a member and passionate supporter of AKA (American Kratom Association). This is basically a non-profit organization that is committed toward maintaining the future of kratom in the United States in the legal and legal point of view.

What Do They Offer?

This company offers everything from high-quality kratom powder into the finest 100% kratom capsules. Further, if you are looking for kratom extracts to beginner breeds, then you will have many reasons to anticipate Soul Speciosa. Further, the newest entrants may enjoy the free kratom samples that they can get an idea about the many strains and pick the ones that meet their specific needs and requirements. They have a big group of different strains of kratom and here is a couple of them.

  • Horn Maeng Da
  • Green Vein Thai
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Kali
  • Crimson MD
  • White Sumatra
  • White Borneo
  • Super Enriched Indo
  • Yellow Thai

Which Strain Is The Most Popular?

Those people who have used the numerous brands and strains of kratom out of Soul Speciosa have grounds to believe that Maeng Da, also known as Pimp Daddy is the most popular one. This is based on experts among the best forms of Mitragyna Speciosa powders on the market these days. This is mainly because it’s naturally stronger when compared to some other strain on the market today. It also will be applicable to mention here that the seller has moved a step further and has Thai kratom powder inside their inventory. This can be an affordable and extremely effective yellow vein strain and it does pack quite a punch. It can start working even in low doses and it may be burnt in one setting and this kind of any Thai Strain.

What About Cost?

The powder of this vendor start from a mean of around $9.55 for 28 g and proceed up the ladder. There are many 112 gram strains of kratom which are priced at $28.95. Yes, there’s absolutely no doubt that the price is high but one should take a look at the quality and quantity and purity and take a call whether it’s actually very costly.

Discount And Special Coupon Codes

There are different types of discounts provided by Soul Speciosa and these are decided to take into consideration the specific needs and requirements of consumers. When you see their homepage you will be greeted with a prompt. It will ask you to enter your email address and as soon as you submit the details you’ll get special deals on their entire product lines. They also have special royalty offers that could help customers to conserve anything from 5% to 10% based on several different things. They have a five-tier loyalty program. In fact, there are some weekly promo codes where loyal clients can enjoy a shocking 70% discount. These are few and far between and they generally happen once per week. One must be all eyes and ears because the offers become tired sooner than later.

Customer Service & Shipping

All orders are implemented the same day and the site was programmed that way. The delivery is done through UPS, but there is a cut off time for ensuring same-day shipping. When customers place an order in excess of 99, they are qualified for free next-day shipping from UPS. They have a contact number and email address where they can easily be reached. The client staff is proactive with its own services. Apart from being educated, they’re also prompt. The customers often say that their experience is informative and they are in a position to acquire the necessary information out of them almost on each occasion.

The Final Word

After considering all pluses, minuses, features and customer feedback, there are a number of things that may be stated about Soul Speciosa. This is the place to be for a few of the most exotic and purest form of kratom powders and kratom capsules. They’re definitely worth trying and if you are eager to loosen your purse strings, then you will surely find a lot of reasons to relish their merchandise. They take all due care to ensure prompt delivery and shipping and also have clear return and refund policies. On the whole, you will have a lot of reasons to think that they are one of the best when it comes to quality kratom that provides a number of health benefits and positive effects.

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